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{ወደ ሁሉም-ኦንላይን እንኳን በደህና መጡ!}


HulumOnline is an organization dedicated to providing all-inclusive online shopping service for Ethiopia. Every Ethiopian can buy and sell on this website.

We at HulumOnline connect sellers to buyers by selling products 24/7 at our online store.

HulumOnline, at a Local-Market focused Market, also serves locally produced products to Ethiopians around the globe and serves as a complementary information and promoting network for Suppliers.

Most importantly, we have established a modern marketing system that enables our customers to make money from the exclusive discount we offer on our products. This also enables us to sale faster and more securely.

On the other hand, we have set up a modern Affiliate Program for those who want to Work during their leisure period.

Overall, we aim to change our marketing system in a new way, making every user beneficial and efficient in action!


ሁሉም-ኦንላይን ለመላው ኢትዮጵያውያን የኦንላይን ሾፒንግ አገልግሎት ለመስጠት ቆረጦ የተነሳ ድርጅት ሲሆን በዚህ ዌብሳይት ላይ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ መግዛት እና መሸጥ ይችላል፡፡

በ ሁሉም-ኦንላይን, 24 ሠአት ክፍት በሆነው የኢንተርኔት ገበያ ላይ ምርቶችን በማቅረብ እና በመሸጥ ሻጭ ከ ገዢ እናገናኛለን፡፡

ሁሉም-ኦንላይን፤ በዚህ በሀገር ውስጥ ገበያ ዙሪያ ትኩረት ባደረገ የገበያ መድረክ ላይ በሀገር ውስጥ የተዘጋጁ ምርቶችን በዓለም ዙሪያ ላሉ ኢትዮጵያውያን ተደራሽ በማድረግ ለአቅራቢዎች የተጠናከረ የገበያ ትስስርን በማስፋፋት ያገለግላል፡፡

ከሁሉም በበለጠ ግን በምርቶች ላይ ከምንሰጠው ልዩ ቅናሽ, ደንበኞቻችንን ተጠቃሚ ለማድረግ የሚያስችል የዘመናዊ የግብይት ስርአት ዘርግተናል፡፡ ይህም የግብይት ስርአት , በፍጥነት እና ደህንነቱ በተጠበቀ ሁኔታ እንድንሸጥ ያስችለናል፡፡

በተጨማሪ በትርፍ ጊዜያቸው አብረውን መስራት ለሚፈልጉ በ “ዘመናዊ የሽያጭ ተባባሪ አካል መርሐ ግብር (Affiliate Program)” ላይ መሳተፍ የሚችሉ ይሆናል፡፡

አላማችን በአጠቃላይ የግብይት ስርአታችንን በአዲስ መልኩ፣ ሁሉንም ተጠቃሚ በሚያደርግ እና ቅልጥፍና ባለው አሰራር መቀየር ነው!


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ሁሉም-ኦንላይን የ ኢ-ገበያ ላይ (ሙሉ ለሙሉ በነፃ ) መሸጥ ይፈልጋሉን? ወይስ ሁሉም-ኦንላይን ስር በ ቋሚነት  እና በትርፍ ሰዓት መስራት ይፈልጋሉ? ክፍት ለሆኑ ሥራዎች እና ምርትዎን ለመሸጥ ከፈለጉ እዚህ  ይጫኑ!



Recent Products

you can find new products here...

Anchor Bolt (Multi-brand) 12 x 75 – 12mm Dia 75mm Length

  • Brand: Multiple brands
  • Product Code: RB 10 x 75
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Order In Bulk For discounts.

M10 x 100mm Full and Half Thread Hexagon Bolt + Nut

Key Features

  • M10 Metric Thread Size (10mm)
  • Thread Size (T): M10 (10mm)
  • Length (L): 100mm
  • Minimum Order: 20 pcs

J-Bolt (Re-Bar) and Plate made for Construction Purposes

J-Bolt Made From Re-Bar plus Plate for Construction and other Purposes.

Different sizes are available. See description below.



6205 ZZ – Original Bearing – ኩሽኔቶች

Ball Bearing – NEW // Dimensions / Size – 25 mm *52 mm * 15 mm

Minimum Order – 25 Pcs // Price is Negotiable if ordered in Bulk


These are the good people of Mother Ethiopia who helped in the making of this great project.
Abdu Delil

Abdu Delil


Founder and currently CEO of HulumOnline.com

Zeki Tofick

Zeki Tofick


Co-Founder and currently partner of HulumOnline.com

Mohammmed Delil

Social Media Expert

Social Media Manager and Expert for HulumOnline.com

Pheven Teklu

Assistant Marketer

Assistant Marketer For HulumOnline.com


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