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Here on HulumOnline.com We affiliate the missing link between buyers and sellers in Ethiopia and worldwide using our online store.     Plus We are always ready to help our customers find products they want with a reasonable price, quality and great durability.

We carefully check that the entire item we sell on our website because we take our customers satisfaction more than anything. So, we’ll really appreciate if you choose HulumOnline.com to buy products!!

We assumed that you might have the following questions in mind so we’ll try to answer most of the basic questions here. And we’ll try to explain more about the work flow… So Enjoy!! 😀

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Hello, so the most basic question here is “Who we really are”, Right? YEAH!!
  • So basically we are a group of teenage and adult entrepreneurs who are looking forward to creating a new world of business for our homeland community!! Visit www.HulumOnline.com/WhoWeAre to see more of us!
  • We’re here to provide an online shopping experience on our Web Store (which is basically new to the Ethiopian community) where you could buy and sell online with a very simple process…!
  • And also we have had created an “Affiliate Program” which its main aim is working together with other registered sales assistants and sharing profits with them!
  • We also have job opportunities on various other places like transport services and office works! Contact us for more!!
The two most important reasons to choose us are “We are Everywhere” and “We are Everyone
  • We are everywhere” because we are on the internet! According to the data collected on 2013 almost 3.7 million People use the internet nationwide in Ethiopia. So we have the probability of reaching this amount of people online in Ethiopia and more people worldwide!
  • We say “We are everyone” because we use a head-to-head marketing system (which allows us to communicate with everyone {even the ones who don’t use the internet} all around the world) to advertise ours and your products! We currently have almost 40 hungry-to-sell affiliates! So you might as well say that “We are everyone”! 🙂
  1. It expands our target market and makes our business worldwide! - There are millions of people all around the world searching for products and services online every day.
  2. Business is always open!! - No restrictions on the opening and closing time!! It is always open! People can order 24/7.
  3. Everything is measurable!! - We can track every move of our customers! Like where they came from, how they interacted with our site, what they purchased … And decide what’s best for our business!
  4. Selling online is easier than ever!! - It Costs low energy and money to set up an online store than an offline bricks and mortar store! And the business can be operated from anywhere!
  • Our main vision is to change the way our community does business to a whole new fast and reliable way which creates a job opportunity for everyone and also helps in fighting the unemployment rate!
  • Secondly we want to address Ethiopian made products to our brothers and sisters who live outside of Ethiopia.
  • Last but not least, we would like to get involved in all business categories in Ethiopia.
First we would love it if you choose to buy your desired products from our website! Therefore in order to make this business deal Safe, easy and possible, there are terms of use customers should fulfill…
  • To buy from our website you just need to be a human in need of a product who lives in Ethiopia. (Opps! Unfortunately we don’t support deals made outside Ethiopia for now. If you live outside of Ethiopia stay in touch and maybe we’ll see what we can do!)
  • You should be SURE on the products you are ordering. You should read the product description in the store carefully to avoid future disagreements. The following points are to be considered carefully. Product Location, Price, Available Stock, Made In (country and company), Available Sizes, Conditions of Price Reduction, Duration It Takes To Process, Minimum Order, Warranty (If Available) … blah blah..
  • You should know how to use our websites store services and how to order online. Provide all necessary information asked in the checkout form honestly! For more info on How To Buy from our website visit > www.HulumOnline.com/HowToBuy
  • Once you ordered your products, we’ll be contacting you in a short amount of time! If you want your products to be delivered to you we’ll be discussing that when we contact you. If you are a new customer, you should contact us and/or one of our affiliates nearby you! It should be kept in mind that we charge additional fees for deliveries.
  • On deliveries; if you live nearby Addis Ababa, we deliver throughout Addis on working days starting from 2:00 – 10:00 local time. And if you live outside Addis Ababa, we provide deliveries to various locations outside the capital (now more than 40 places outside Addis Ababa) through shipping transport systems. Visit www.HulumOnline.com/Delivery for more info on locations we support and their shipping days.
  • You should be ready to pay once your products arrives your doorsteps. We don’t tolerate frauds. Frauds will make you lose your credibility to work with us in the future!
  • Currently we only support payments made with ETB, USD & EUR! We have special discounts for customers who are registered before they buy anything from our website! Click here > www.HulumOnline.com/jobs for more info on registering!
  • If you do not like what you get or it doesn’t meet your standards, you can always return it back right at the delivery but you will still have to pay the delivery fee! There are also products that are guaranteed for a period of time so you still have the right to return them (Terms Applied). Yet our return policy is only applicable for customers around Addis Ababa. We soon will make it available all over Ethiopia.
As there is a Rule for the buyers, there is to the sellers too! In order to sell and promote your goods and services on our web store, you should be following these rules. I know it might look a bit tiring but trust me it’s worth it!
  • First thing first, you have to register as an affiliate and get your permission to sell on our website for free! Contact us to register! You can sell and promote any types of services and goods (starting from pencils to cars and houses) in our online store. It should be considered that products with the value lower than 150br are only sold in bulk!
  • Secondly you should submit your product info and pictures to our representatives near you. Product information consists of several necessary parts like:- Price regular and Sale Price, Available Stock, Made in (Country), Duration to Process, Guaranty (if available), Short Description (Consists of product features, advantages and benefits)… blah blah...
  • Last but not least, product pictures must be real-time images (Min 4). No pictures copied from The Internet are allowed. And also the pictures must not include LOGO of other suppliers other than the manufacturer himself. Some Products must be tested and seen by our representatives.
  • Finally your product will go online in less than a week! We update our servers every 15 days so you should expect a call from us. And in order to avoid future misunderstandings for our customers, you must tell us if there are recent changes on products you have submitted! We value our customers!!
  • Products that are not sold in 6 months are automatically removed from our servers! When your product is requested we’ll contact you right away!
Currently there are two types of payment systems available (for now.)
  • Cash on Delivery:- This method is a direct method of payment which (as the name says it) is a cash payment made right upon delivery.
  • Bank Transfer:- This payment is done through banks. This method is more comfortable, Safe and Easy, and is mostly applicable for customers who aren’t registered in our network as affiliates & is always applicable to people who are living outside of Addis Ababa.
  • HelloCash and M-Birr:- We’re currently working on making it available to buy from our website using this two payment gateways! They will be accessible soon! 🙂
  • Very Soon, Internet Banking Via Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia, Dashen Bank, Awash Bank or Hibret Bank will be available so we will make it possible to buy from our website using only Your email Address! 🙂🙂
  • We provide deliveries to various locations outside the capital (now more than 40 places outside Addis Ababa) through shipping transport systems. And we deliver throughout Addis Ababa on working days starting from 2:00 – 10:00 local time!
  • It should be kept in mind that we charge additional fees for deliveries. Visit www.HulumOnline.com/Delivery for more info on locations we support and their shipping days.
  • Do you want to sell or promote any of your goods and services on our website??
  • Or do you want to work full time or part time with us?
  • Contact us using the links below…
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